Ae Fond Kiss to be released as single for Burns Night

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Ae Fond Kiss, from the EP Winter Tales, will be released on January 5th, 2017, in time for Burns night celebrations on January 25th.

Ae Fond Kiss is the most recorded of Robert Burns’ songs

Winter Tales charts on release day

Winter Tales entered the iTunes singer/songwriter chart at no.70 and rose to No.16 later in the morning. 


Winter Tales EP is OUT!!

The new Winter Tales EP has been released, and is available for download on iTunes in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

It will become available in USA & Canada at midnight.


The new collection features 3 self penned songs, plus Robert Burns’ Ae Fond Kiss.

1. This Christmas

2. Once On a Christmas Day

3. Happy New Year - 2016 version

4. Ae Fond Kiss

New EP out tomorrow!! - download details

The Winter Tales EP is released worldwide tomorrow, Dec 16.

To download the new release (TOMORROW) click on the link for your country, then click to buy Winter Tales, and iTunes will open.

If you don’t use iTunes, it will be available on all Digital sites worldwide.





New Zealand



For other countries, just change the country code (after

Hear a sampler of the new EP !!

The brand new EP Winter Tales is released on Friday December 16th. It will be available Worldwide on all digital platforms, but only buying from i-Tunes gives me a chance of charting on the Singer/Songwriter chart, so, if you can, please do that.

Here is a sampler of the 4 songs - 2 new Christmas songs written by Simon, a remake of his Happy New Year, and a moving acoustic reading of the Robart Burns love song, Ae Fond Kiss. Both This Christmas and Ae Fond Kiss were recorded LIVE, with accompaniment by Joe Card. Accompaniment on Happy New Year and Once On A Christmas Day is by Justin Whittingham.

All tracks are produced by Justin Whittingham



The 4 track album Winter Tales is complete and is due to hit iTunes on December 16th Worldwide. There is no pre-order on this release as there isn’t enough lead up time.


The 4 tracks are:

This Christmas (Simon Bell)

Once On a Christmas Day (Simon Bell)

Happy New Year - 2016 version (Simon Bell)

Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns, trad.)

Produced by Justin Whittingham

featuring Joe Card on This Christmas (guitalele) & Ae Fond Kiss (guitar)

Christmas release planned

I should be recording the vocals for the Christmas release this coming weekend.


WINTER TALES is a 4 track EP, featuring a brand new self penned song, ONCE ON A CHRISTMAS DAY, a remix of HAPPY NEW YEAR, another new Christmas song - THIS CHRISTMAS, and Robert Burns’ most popular ballad, AE FOND KISS.

I hope to release in the week before Christmas. I will keep you up to date.

Chime Records/Ditto Music

Live @ Cafe Zee

I will be singing at Cafe Zee in Ealing, on Saturday February 27. In an evening of different acts, I expect to start around 20:15. It’s a short set, accompanied by Chris Burgham on keyboards & Pete Daynes on bass.

I will feature some of my own songs from my recent EP releases and some associated with Dusty Springfield.

The evening is organised by The Ealing Club, part of their Ealing Eclectic Project.

entry is free. 


Games That Lovers Play update

As iTunes and other digital music platforms close early for Christmas, it is now impossible to release Games That Lovers Play and Happy New Year - 2015 mix until after New Year.

Apologies for any disappointment. I really wanted to have it out but it just couldn’t be finished in time.

I now expect that Games That Lovers Play will be released early in the New Year. It doesn’t seem sensible to put out the new version of Happy New Year until next December.

Games That Lovers Play delay

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I had hoped to release Games That Lovers Play/ Happy New Year on Dec 16, but the project has hit a couple of unavoidable snags and will be delayed. I’m still hoping it can be out for Christmas, and will update the page as soon as I know a firm date.

It will be only available as a digital download, with all profits going to the German Bone Marrow Centre in memory of James Last, who composed Games That Lovers Play.

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